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  • Natasha on 1 Corinthians 1
    You know verse 29 of the script is ministering to my heart.

    "That no man should glory in his presence."

    For though we are as grass which the winds drives away, we still find a way to be boastful and proud, high and mighty of ourselves. And forgetting to give God the Glory first.

    Yet God's still busy caring for us. What is man that God is mindful of us?

    Can our presence bring healing or deliverance?

    How about peace of mind?

    Were we even able to be born of our own free will?

    When Moses went to visit God on the Mount to receive the commandments of God, he was expecting to be in the presence of God. What he did not know was that going into the presence of the Lord would allow him to receive the Glory of the Lord.

    When God's Glory is shown on and through His children there is no need to boast or to act mighty. God's Glory will draw men unto Him. In this regard, lets be prepared to work and help others to understand that to glory in self is to glory in vain. For what you glory in will last for only a moment.

    However, if you glory in the Lord the same will last forevermore.

    *Made from dust... The body will return there.

    *Breath of life given... Can be taken away in a second and even less.

    *Tears of JOY.... Can be turned into mourner all too soon

    Do not make yourself an idol to yourself. Serve the Lord and He will direct your Path.

    *May *God *Bless * You *Always :)


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