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  • Thomas Luther Wozniak on Genesis 1
    when I turned 18 years old my father passed away from lung cancer. I could not handle my dad's death properly,

    I would drown myself in alcohol everyday after work. I was introduced to every kind of drug, but when I turn 26,

    my brother told me to try heroin. immediately I thought, at least I won't have these hangover's anymore from

    alcohol. but then I endured the worst addiction I've ever experienced. for three years it took to get off it.

    in 2005 I was homeless on the streets of Santa Monica California, sleeping at the courthouse hoping to see a

    judge about a ticket. 3 days without sleep I started crying, I found myself crying out to the Lord Jesus.

    then I found a magazine from the Salvation Army, and I opened it and it had a picture of Jesus talking with a

    child. this picture touched me, and all of a sudden I found myself walking to Venice California,someone along the

    way referred me to the Bible Tabernacle Church near Venice beach. I met a man named Rico there, he told

    me to come back in an hour and you can have dinner and spend the night at the men's house. so the next morning, I

    met with another person. and he evaluated my skills, and told me I can join the ministry program. the next

    morning I was told to read the Bible, I had received the Holy Spirit that morning,and a week later I got baptized

    at the church. from then on I always depend on my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. never drugs or alcohol.


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