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  • Adam on Psalms 34:17
    I grew up believing in God, but my faith wasn't tested until I lived on my own. Boy was I ever tested. I had to reconsider everything I believed from ground up and questioned everything. I was quite lost. It's quite a vulnerable and insecure position to be in. Life was overwhelming, eating my lunch, and I had lots of self doubt.

    Fortunately, some new influences came into my life and slowly, question by question I had began being answered. I began filling the holes in my faith and I began feeling more hopeful about life. I'm grateful for everyone who followed God's nudging to come walk with me and offer support, even if for a short time. I believe God can use people to be blessings in other people's lives. And I was a recipient of that. I seek to pay it forward. I'm imperfect and still hit bumps in the road, but try my best to follow Jesus, love God and love my neighbor.

    I also realized life isn't about me being happy. God doesn't exist for that. He's not a genie in a bottle there to serve me. I'm not entitled to anything, despite what this culture brainwashes people into believing. However, when I shift my focus onto loving God and loving others and deciding to be content, I naturally become far happier and satisfied with my life. Interesting how that works.
  • Jacob Hughes - in Reply on Psalms 34:17
    I really appreciate your honesty I feel the same way it feels nice to help others I'm very glad gods in both our lives


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