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  • Donna on Luke 24:3
    1. Did the things that happened in Matthew Mark Luke and John actually took place in the old testament? If so why are the 4 gospels listed in the new testament?

    2. Did the new testament begin after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ?

    Looking forward to hearing from you, thank you
  • Anne - in Reply on Luke 24:3
    Hello Donna!

    Those are great questions, but too broad to answer simply. In response to question #1, what specific events (passages of scripture) are you wondering if they took place in the old testament?

    Generally speaking, you cannot understand the New Testament without the Old, and you cannot understand the Old without the New. They go hand in hand. The Old Testament was a period of thousands of years leading up to the life of Christ during which much prophecy about Jesus Christ himself, among other events, was given. Each Gospel presents different perspectives of the Life of Jesus Christ and evidence of the fulfillment of Old Testament Prophecies.

    In response to question #2 The book of Matthew was the first writing after a 400 year gap, during which there was no prophetical, or other writings. It was written especially for the Jews to prove that Jesus was the predicted Messiah. Matthew reveals Him against the background of the Old Testament. This book lays a foundation for the transition from the old Dispensation of Law (The Jewish Age), to the new dispensation known as the Church age. All four Gospel's place particular emphasis on the last week of Jesus' earthly yes, they were written after His death and resurrection.

    I hope this answers your questions...!!

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