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  • Frank on Luke 24:32
    Today we can read our bibles and not see the true meaning till God is ready to reveal his word.Thats why we need to constantly review and reread over and over till his true meaning is known by us
  • Sacha - in Reply on Luke 24:32
    Frank ,i think i understand and agree with you ,i have tried to read some Bible commentaries and as soon as i read something in them that i think is wrong i cant tolerate them any more ,i think the best thing to do is just keep reading the Bible ,all of it over and over again ,then you start to see the links and the perfection of God for yourself ,you start to see the parallels and the conections ,its a joy ! It never hurts to ask for some one elses opinion ,it might be very helpfull to do so but i belive in learning things for yourself ,study and search and as Jesus said "let these saying sink down into your ears " the Bible is avery big treasure chest and you have to keep digging and rummaging through it day after day and enjoy it .

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