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  • David on MATTHEW 19:30
    The high and mighty, the rich, the famous, the masters of this world, will be rejected from the kingdom, but those on the out, the poor, the excluded, the homeless and degraded, they are holy, and those who stand with them, who give up their material goods and reject their families and their wealth and their inheritance, they are loved by GOD and will be the first in the kingdom and glory
  • Roy Mayhew - in Reply on MATTHEW 19:30
    This is not true, CHRIST Himself was well known all around , and his fame went throughout the land.

    many brought sick, and HE healed them.

    If you are not known, who will come to you?

    Don't judge the rich or poor, fame or not, rich or not.

    Often we misunderstand the depth of meanings.

    King is famous , is it not?

    LORD is king of the kings, Is he not?

    If you are poor, or rich, love and charity is important.

    At the sermon on the mountain

    Blessed are the poor, there is kingdom of heaven.

    The word poor is mistranslated. Poor is beggars of spirit.

    what that means is, someone who prays to GOD, which is beggar of spirit.

    Someone who searches for higher power then the earth.

    This is beggar of spirit.

    Someone who goes to temples and churches are beggars of spirit.

    Someone who wants to Know GOD, and LORD, and searches for GOD.

    is beggar of the GOD's spirit.

    It is not dry and cut, it is how we live.

    Love is main foundation in begging for spirit.

    In love we don't judge others. Only GOD is the judge.

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