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  • Claudia Frisancho on Luke 6
    Why the red color on some sentences and not just leave it naturally?
  • Taking Charge in your own Growth as a Christian - in Reply on Luke 6
    My goal has always been to know who Jesus is; what he is like; how he responds to people's questions; arguments. What he is showing us about what we are to be doing. Mainly, becoming a follower of him and his known will. The more we read, study, watch some sermons online or listen to them on the radio. Start in the Gospels, spend extra time in the gospel of John. Follow Jesus's disciples in Acts. Head towards the back of the Bible. The Book of Proverbs gives wisdom. Psalms gives us comfort and information of what God is like. The entire Bible is about Jesus; from cover to cover.

    To read Commentaries about a specific chapter & verse: type scripture and verse in Google, then type 'Commentary' or History, if that's what you want to know. I generally pick a commentary from the first 7 listed. Don't be afraid to dig a little. Always compare books to what the Bible says. The Bible is the bottom line TRUTH.

    You can always ask questions in this room. The REPLY will be sent to your email.

    Explore this websites tools for studying. To read all the Rapture verses: type Caught Up in the search Box. Or, Last Days, Marriage, Divorce; whatever you want more answers for.

    Read some of peoples personal testimonies from the LINKS out on the red page.

    Make this website work better for your studies.

    Personally, I turn off the TV and make time for reading. Get a notebook and take notes. Learn how to sing to the Lord. Most Important: always ask the Holy Spirit to teach you; ask Him questions. He is the Spirit of Christ. Jesus went to the Cross to give the Holy Spirit to us to perfect our learning of Who Jesus is in our life.

    Sit still for an hour before the Lord. Pray and then listen. You will grow mightily in understanding. Read Malachi 3:16-18

    Every conversation we join in with others, praising And talking about how good God is: is recorded in a book that God reads.

  • Fred Scanlan - in Reply on Luke 6
    Michael, thank you for the word... Your words will bring great comfort to those who will listen. You have spoken clearly in these times of confusion. Growing as the tree in the midst of his vineyard. How wonderful is His blood that will cleanse us all from unrighteousness, will lead us into everlasting life found in Him.
  • Charles - in Reply on Luke 6
    Thank you Michael this comment has been really helpful and for someone new to the TRUTH in following the bible I have taken from your words some guidance that I have asked for.
  • Adam - in Reply on Luke 6
    Those are the words of Jesus. That is fairly common for Bibles.


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