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  • Stacey shannon kaplar on Galatians 3
    I believe that the Lord has given everyone of his children spiritual gifts some prophesy not all. Gifts of healing goodness so many gifts. The most important thing Jesus gave us is Love and peace. Helping not judging your neighbor holding your tongue and being quiet so the word of God is revealed. For the first time when I read the word of God it is alive and speaks to me. It is a living breathing word and family is at the centre. We need to role model kindness love and make gardens laugh enjoy our children teach them practical things. Stop worrying fearing for our children and the world and enjoy heaven on earth it is a blessing. Stop telling kids no and ask them what they think. Stop getting children to compete to be the best. Get them to live as a team as we should. Love peace non judgement and acceptance forgiveness. Hebrews is run by faith trust one another dont believe satans lies. Pray for Canada our government our first people pray that reparation will be accomplished so there can be healing. The government stole theyre land and their children to feed the catholic church who raped children and made quebec rich where there is a huge pedophile ring and children are taken because they cant speak french children are blinded and sold into sex trafficking pray for the children . The beatudes and Corinthians and revelations is almost fulfilled We must close are borders and return prayer and values to school. Time for children to destress in classrooms to meditate and pray or draw or think take the pressure off our children. I pray that ADHD will be seen as a label used by teachers drs etc to distribute amphetamines and get kids hooked on speed. I pray for all pregnant mothers that they deliver healthy babies news flash my mom smoked when i was pregnant and drank alcohol and smoked weed and I am fine Stop judging look in the mirror Christ loved Mary Magdalene. Christ loved a murderer and a thief. Stop profitting off of others misery and laughing

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