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  • Farmgirl on Genesis 1
    I was in church yesterday and a young man came in after the service started. He obviously had something bothering him, as he kept looking down and seemed very worried. Please pray for him, I do not know who he is but he needs prayer. ANd if he is not saved, he needs Jesus, The peace giver.
  • T - in Reply on Genesis 1
    I pray the next time this occurs that you will ask God to give you the strength to approach and acknowledge this person. (I pray this for myself as well!)

    If I may;

    We Must step out of our personal comfort zones and provide love and acknowledgement. A simple smile and hello.. "As I sat here today God placed my attention on you. I just wanted to say hello and to see if there is anything that I could help you with today or talk about." Try very simple open ended questions. Ask if you can get them a coffee or water(if your church offers them).

    May I share a personal experience;

    I had a similar encounter once. Due to pride and friends being around I dismissed this person. God placed that action upon my mind and heart for weeks. I felt shameful. I kept hoping that I would see this person again so that I could "redeem" myself. One day, out of nowhere, this person appeared again. One of my friends actually made a rude, judgemental, comment about this person and pointed at her as she walked out of the building. I immediately walked away to Run outside of the building. I approached her as she sat in her car. I apologized, first, for "bothering" her. We then had a simple conversation. The result from stepping out of my comfort zone was overwhelming. What I would like to refer to is Hebrews 13:12. At the end of our conversation this woman looked deep into my eyes, grabbed my hands and said "Today, a child is born." She smiled and said "God Bless You" and then left. In this moment I was overcome by a feeling I can only describe as, God or God's presence. Overcome by the Holy Spirit. I learned something that day that I will never forget.

    We can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens us. Always, remember that.

    I apologize for a long response but sometimes our actions ARE the answers to the prayer. Does that make sense?

    God Bless


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