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  • Ezekiel on Romans 8:9
    Hello KJV believers? So am I. Use KJV-1611 which is better than KJV. The words are identical but 1611 has chapter summary, and cross references and literal translations in the margin notes. KJV changed a few capital letters to lower cases or vice versa, for example, like from Prince to prince. 1611 has real spelling errors like Ifaiah for Isaiah. I found about 38 typos so far. Big one. Go to Micah chapter 4 page; it shows Ioel (Joel) instead at the top of it.

    I want to see 1611 large print and hopefully with spelling corrections but it is not available yet. Why did KJV remove chapter summary and margin notes what I consider very useful features? I still wonder!!??@@

    Anybody found KJV English grammar pattern? For example, second person, singular, present and past tense, the verb has either 'st' or 'est' ending. If thou wert = If you were thou wast = you were thou (singular) and ye (plural).

    Third person or object, singular, present tense, the verb has either 'th' or 'eth' ending. He saith, cometh; it hath.

    Satan interferes people from using KJV; he wants them to read corrupt versions. Some of them are really outrageous--completely different thoughts--and some are less serious. We KJV onlyism people are blessed to read it. GOD is perfect and so is HIS Word. Then KJV is the only (or near) perfect GOD'S Word, isn't it? Just think about it. Would HE not provide a genuine Bible for us when HE wants us to know HIM and obey HIS commandments CORRECTLY?

    Do not bother with comparing difficult verses with corrupt versions because they would not help you at all but they would mislead you rather. Ask friends or go to KJV commentary or annotation notes to find out what they mean. If you have one and ask me thru this website, then I will help you gladly. Again stay with KJV. Try to understand them with cross references, and pray to GOD more importantly. Holy Ghost will teach you. Thanks
  • Richard in Christ - in Reply on Romans 8:9
    Hello brother Ezekiel,

    I very much enjoy looking over the 1611 text, pictures of every page, on this site. As you've stated I've noticed some capital letter differences. With the spelling I myself wouldn't really call them errors. With other things like Jerusalem "Ierufalem", evil "euill", up "vp", ointment "oyntment", have "haue", son "fonne" etc. It seems in the old English they had a different way with some vowels and letters in certain words.

    It is enjoyable to look over though. I believe the KJV is the best version of the Holy scripture we have. It is also very interesting to look over the Hebrew and Greek texts and compare with the KJV.

    God Bless brother.
  • Ezekiel - in Reply on Romans 8:9
    Brother Richard? Ezekiel again. It is waste of time to search Hebrew, Greek, or Aramaic languages. You won't enhance your understanding of scripture and I heard about 5,000 Greek manuscript fragments, most of them corrupt. We have Strong's Hebrew and Greek words attached to every word in KJV. They are enough for me. I do not need to learn about them. In my Bible software, I can find how a Hebrew or Greek word was translated differently, and yes the same word was translated differently into different English words.

    I have studied KJV for the last 10 years, wrote complete Bible annotations (I don't call them Bible commentary anymore), came up with some new theologies, and ready to preach and start my own ministry--a conservative church, many old hymn singing with piano and/or organ (no drum or guitar), men wearing suits and women skirts, Sunday morning and evening, and midweek service. Sounds familiar? Can't find a church like it these days easily, huh, can we?
  • Richard in Christ - in Reply on Romans 8:9
    Yes, that's all I meant by looking over the "Hebrew and Greek". The Thayers and Strongs definitions. The Masoretic Text and Textus Receptus. Sorry for miss implying.
  • Ezekiel - in Reply on Romans 8:9
    Brother Richard, do you use daily devotion? Check out Daily Light on the Daily Path, a collection of relevant KJV verses, morning and evening, for 365 days without author's comment because the relevant or related verses speak of the idea by themselves. The unknown author did a fabulous job listing them. Pastors can develop sermon notes from them very easily. Thanks
  • Richard in Christ - in Reply on Romans 8:9
    No sir. That is the first I've seen it and thank you for letting me know of the site. That is very nice taking all the verses and putting them together like that corresponding.

    I very much appreciate that brother Ezekiel. May our Father in Heaven Bless you.
  • Ezekiel - in Reply on Romans 8:9
    Brother Richard, you can download the Daily Light devotion free very easily. Let me know if you encounter a problem. I have it in both PDF or plain text file in my PC. Again it has no copy right, just like our beloved KJV Bible, Alleluia! Not sure how deeply you are involved with Bible study but you sound like a Bible student. Thanks
  • Richard in Christ - in Reply on Romans 8:9
    Thank you brother Ezekiel. The Holy Bible is really what I am now more interested in, and have a passion for, more than anything. As I was into many other things but after I was led to the Lord it has encompassed my life. I enjoy hearing that I sound like a "Bible student". Only reading the Bible for just under two years. You lead me to do a count of things in my Bible: having over 65 book markers for pages and over 500 marks for my favorite verses throughout. I am just a beginner.

    Thank you very much for your kind replies brother.


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