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  • Mark Valesano on Luke 7
    Simon the Pharisee, thinking to be shrewd, invites Jesus over to his home for a meal. The reasons why people try to manipulate their relationship with God are always rooted in pride. While the invitation appears to be welcoming and genuine. Further reading shows the inner contempt Simon holds toward his Savior. Lack of common courtesies shown guests (washing of feet, the kiss of greeting, and, to a lesser extent, anointing with oil). A subtle sarcasm in his dialogue with Christ (v. 40 and v. 43).

    Perhaps Simon allowed the entry of the woman of sordid reputation to attempt to tarnish or bring reproach upon Jesus' influence in the region. While this is only speculation, the result was not what Simon expected from Him.

    Our thoughts are not our own with Jesus. He knows them before they even enter our minds. Simon had failed to believe Jesus and His deity and authority based on prejudice and willing ignorance. Two aspects that accompany all those who are ultimately damned to hell.

    The woman knew her need and the source to get it met. Without prompting, she knew what she had to do. No one would deny her and shame or embarrassment would not hinder her from completing the task at hand. True faith is always accompanied by obedience throughout the Bible and even so today.

    Ironically, while the woman's name was never recorded for our benefit in His book here, we know she was registered in the Book of Life in the place where she now resides. Her testimony is eternal, as is Simon's folly.

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