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  • Sharon on Deuteronomy 28:68
    The problem or maybe the changing of the meaning what is the problem because it reads like YAHUAH will take Israel back by ships, but this time no one will buy us. When slave came to America they were brought and sold. So is there a going back as slaves, but no one will buy us?
  • Chris - in Reply on Deuteronomy 28:68
    As you would have read this chapter in entirety, the Lord God promises blessings or curses upon Israel, depending on how they behaved towards Him. Verses 1-14: the blessings (the good things from the Lord) & verses 15-68: the curses (the evil things from the Lord).

    So, in verse 68, the thought here is: just as you (Israel) were brought out of Egypt by God's mighty Hand of deliverance, taken triumphantly & miraculously through the midst of the Red Sea & eventually brought into the Promised Land as a free people of God, so to, God will do the opposite if you refuse the Lord & disobey His Commandments. Instead of deliverance, Israel would be sent back into slavery. And from research (as Josephus reports), Emperor Titus, who ransacked Jerusalem & the Temple in AD 70, also did heinous things to the Jews - many were killed by his men or mistreated very badly. Thousands (the young & fit among the Jewish men & women) were sent into slavery in Egypt, going chained in ships. But there were so many of them, that the Egyptian markets were filled with Jewish slaves, so their price was either very low, or they remained unsold. This very sad event appears as a fulfilment of God's Promise to those who despised His Word throughout their generations & in spite of their captivities to the Assyrians & Babylonians earlier on.

    I repeat, the above account of Israel's slavery in Egypt, is not in Scripture, but from the historians, one of whom was Josephus. And this account has nothing to do with those sent to America as slaves.
  • Sharon - in Reply on Deuteronomy 28:68
    YAHUAH says that he will scatter to the four corners and gather as well even the house of Yahudah th that was sent into slavery which is the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Joel 3rd chapter.


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