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  • Whitney noelle pope on Psalms 9
    Lately i have been thinking of the sins i have commited, the people i passed straight everyday, no morning or evening, hi or hellos, people waiting for another meal, or even water to drink, why cant i just wrap my sin in a bag and throw? why cant my own self love me? what wrong have i done? can you reach my friend? been searching through and end, i want to know you more, can you understand? when i knock why not open? i am highly recommended. You have place my sins into the sea of forgetfulness. You formed in your arms of love, make me and mold me, shape me to be whom you want me to be, you are the potter and i am the clay. Help me to be real as i face each day, my mind, my eyes, my heart, my feet, my hands, my fortress, my madewife, i search all over couldn't find nobody, victory belong to me through you my mount Everest. I just want to say thank you LORD. My promise keeper. WNP. RBYI.

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