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  • Dahg on Daniel 9:24
    I would disagree with the statement that the days are prophetically years. Notice that it starts from the going forth of the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem. This was done in the times of Nehemiah and Ezra. To say the Messiah mentioned here is Jesus is troubling to me as I don't see him fulfilling the rest of the prophesy verbatim. It is much more likely that the prophesy was fulfilled literally as I believe a through study of the time will show/prove.
  • Chris - in Reply on Daniel 9:24
    I agree with your understanding about the rebuilding of Jerusalem & its walls. But then, who is the Messiah referred to? I can't think of anyone that Daniel might consider to be a (type) of Messiah.
  • Shemieka williams - in Reply on Daniel 9:24
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