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  • SARAH D STEWART on Esther 10
    Can a person go to heaven that commits suicide
  • Chris - in Reply on Esther 10
    That's not a question that can be easily answered as it can only be God's Decision based on all that He is & requires of us, that gives us our destiny in the after-life. All we can do is study & show from the Scriptures what the Mind of God is, & where there is silence or uncertainty, it would be wrong to assume the position of the Deity.

    We do know that sin, all sin, is offensive to God & requires our repentance & faith in His Son for forgiveness & restoration into God's ideal. If we don't admit to sin & don't seek God about the matter, then damnation & Hell is before us; if we humbly seek His Face, torn by our sin & seek His forgiveness, we are accepted & given a place in Heaven for eternity.

    If someone murders someone it is sin & in the volume of his sins, he will, being unforgiven, suffer an eternity in Hell. If a man chooses to end his life, it is still murder, self-murder, & he is left with no opportunity to rectify that wrong before God. In the natural understanding of the Word, then that sin brings on the same fate as the one who takes the life of another.

    But God is the final Judge, Who may well consider the dire circumstances that the person was in to resort to such a difficult decision. Or maybe, the hopelessness of the person's diminishing health & excruciating pain that led this person to do such a thing because of a degraded mental state. We don't know & can't say with any certainty. What we should focus on, is how we can minister to such a person, to help relieve the mental or physical pain, giving comfort & hope that only Jesus can provide. I lost a very dear friend by suicide over 12 years ago. His pain was too much to bear but he refused to accept the ministry from Jesus, preferring to end his life that seemingly would lead to further deterioration & of no value to himself or any other. There is value in every life & always a hope & comfort from the Lord of all comfort. When we look to Him alone, all of Heaven's resources avail for us.
  • Dianne - in Reply on Esther 10
    Chris you said if someone commits murder he will Go To Hell King David murdered bathshebas husband and still its says in the word he was a man after Gods own heart. Not disagreeing with you just sticking with scripture. Smiles !
  • Adam - in Reply on Esther 10
    You distorted what he said, just like what the media does. Hope that wasn't intentional.
  • Daniel - in Reply on Esther 10
    Moses also killed an Egyptian. All these GREAT men chosen of God have committed sin. Yet God chose them. Paul the apostle of the Gentiles persecuted the Church of God before Christ came to him. ALL sin can be forgiven if left to the Sacrifice of Our Lord and Master Jesus Christ who only can forgive sin. He is God and will not deny Himself. He means what He says and will not change His mind. He is NOT like us . He is the God that cannot lie.

    That does not mean people can go on killing and committing all kinds of sin. There will be suffering for all of us who believe in Christ. Because we sin all the time. We cannot keep the law.

    Jesus said, "if you hate your brother you have already committed murder in your heart." and "If you look at a woman to lust after her, you have committed adultery in your heart." The law only points out the sin and convicts us of it. It cannot save us. "My Grace is sufficient .." God says.
  • Chris - in Reply on Esther 10
    Thank you Dianne. I did say that murder, indeed all sin, consigns us to hell as deserved punishment. But when we come to the place of contrition for our sins, even for murder, there remains a place of forgiveness for us.

    With King David, he recognized his grave error & repented; generally Psalm 51 is understood as that prayer, also Psalm 32 may also be associated with it. But when one, in his great distress commits suicide, where then is the place of repentance? I'm of the belief that we only have this life to make amends before God, through His Son - after death (or, suicide), there remains no further opportunity. However, I did qualify my thoughts by saying that even in this matter, God is still the Omniscient Judge as He knows much more about the suicide event that will always be beyond human knowledge & judgement.

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