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  • Latrina parish on 1 Timothy 6
    I want all the bible scripture please.
  • Steven Spencer - in Reply on 1 Timothy 6
    Hi Latrina, You have all the inspired scriptures in these 66 books of the Bible, It Was by God spirit when they wrote them, and just like the devil was in the garden waiting to deceive there has been men "servants of satan" trying to contaminate scripture ever since man learned to write, God has Intervened in the garden and he intervened in this also, so it was his inspiration when they wrote the scripture and it was his inspiration when they gathered them. God didn't speak the world in existence in six days which he promised to judge by his word and fail to communicate with them and let some third grader slip in and shuffle a few words and derail God's plans. Every word he intended for us to have is integrated in one msg, if you removed john 3:16 that msg is still clear when you take in the whole council of the living word, And if you had what you "think" you're missing or what you "think" is added you can't understand it or wouldn't no it without the Holy Spirit. Thanks hope that helps

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