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  • Patrick Boone on Esther 10
    Why does Esther end at chapter 10 but the Additions to Esther starts at chapter 10? And it is different.

    I believe in God but we are given so little and they put this book together, by the writers admission it was a collection of writings gathered and listed as the inspired word of God.

    But then we see they have changed the spelling from the 1560 Great Bible.

    And now there are even fewer books in todays Bible.

    And now Bible college graduates use 5 different Bibles to relay one verse. Ya'll blew it by blindly following whatever "they" said was good or bad. And then you claim righteous judgement is Godly?
  • Dianne - in Reply on Esther 10
    Patrick if the Bible is to be Gods word what he put in it originally is what he want, without adding other books or additional thinking look at Psalms 119 verse 2 above all Gods creation He says His Greatest work is His Word. Food For Thought.
  • Dianne - in Reply on Esther 10
    Patrick where are you getting this information just curious.
  • Dianne - in Reply on Esther 10
    Patrick I don't understand the question.
  • Patrick - in Reply on Esther 10
    Yes ma'am, im not trying to discourage anyone from God. But 1500 denominations is a problemmlm

    The 1560 Great Bible was the 1st collection of stories That King James wanted released to the people because before then only clergy were allowed to read to the people from whatever they had.

    It is odd with the spelling, no vowels except here and there so 51 years later they did another 1611 King James Bible a d it has vowels and several other books that dont appear in our King James version today.

    Not to mention all the softer versions that Bible college graduates boast about.

    So plenty of adding and subtractiing going on and the interperations get even more radical. But satan is decieving me?

    Then "rapture". Wherd did that come from because there is no word remotely close to it in the Bible but plenty of versions of when it will happen.

    Why are we looking for God up there when we are supposed to KNOW he is in our heart because thats what we do to recieve salvation.

    Jesus said seek and you will find but churches are guilting everybody for tithes and there are plenty of "places to go worship Jesus" with 3 convenient ways to pay.

    And the homeless and widows and orphans are scowled at as people pass by to go to church.

    I could go on and on.
  • Dianne - in Reply on Esther 10
    This is really not the place to get into all you're asking. But trust me the answers are their and they make sense by the way the rapture is known in thessalonians as the gathering together unto Him when Christ comes for His Church.

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