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  • Ms Veronica Dessesseau on Proverbs 1
    I want to comment on Proverbs Chapter 1. I just would like to say, I'am a person who believes in the one and only true and Living God, Jesus his mighty son and the powerful Holy Spirit. I've seen them work in my life, so Holily and extravagantly, and they continue to do so. I give them all the glory, praise and the honor!. Godly wisdom is so VERY important to live in, especially in these last days, by the power of the Lord in us, because this world is sick! and is constantly trying to tell the Body of Christ, and the unsaved who believe in God, to live a life(or have lifestyles) VOID of Godly wisdom! AND reverence for him. It's sickening to see, how many of this fallen world, reject, Christian Values, and don't want to follow the Lord's instructions in the Bible, specifically, the Book of Proverbs, to live honorable lives! They want and like to follow the kardashians and the jenner's, but not to reverence the Lord, and obey his instructions, for daily living! It's sad seeing the times we are living in, and how the words of fools of sinning, of the world, in general and especially the entertainment industry (e.g. talk shows & t.v. shows, that make mockery of sin, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, & living RIGHT), are considered the "norm" & "cool." But if a UNSAVED wise person, along with the Body of Christ, comes along and tells another unsaved person to follow the BIBLES' Godly wisdoms, and live by them, they're laughed at, talked about and scorned! Unsaved elderly people, that ARE truly honorable, and truly believe in God, and their lives/lifestyles show it!, are always telling young people to live and do right! and not give into the worlds', and it's stupid satanic pop culture peer pressures. Me personally, I'm glad that I can't & don't want ANYTHING to do with ANYONE, who doesn't want to live in Godly wisdom permanently!. Christianity and it's values is the only way to live! The Lord makes it easy to live in his Godly wisdoms for daily living, and I'm glad!

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