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  • Cordelia Byrd on Romans 7
    Can a man and women be married multiple times and still serve God(be saved) I grew up with my mother saying only one wife and one husband if you are divorced and remarry with a living wife or husband you will go to Hell. Is that true?

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  • Chris - in Reply on Romans 7
    If I could add, Seeker of Truth, & for your consideration: would a true child of God continue to live a life of rampant sin? You say that "no amount of sin will take you from His hands" & in a sense you're correct as our salvation is sealed & secure, but the question again, can a Christian even sin is such a manner without taking stock of his life & questioning his salvation? I simply can't see that happening - the Spirit of God will not permit it, under any circumstance. He has either been fooling himself to think that salvation is his or he will face the discipline of God, even death, if he continues to shame the Lord with his life & testimony.

    Many Christians suffer much because of a disregard to God's Holy requirements upon them & they wonder why 'the devil' is attacking them. If our hearts are clean before the Lord, we may then have reason to wonder, but that enquiry will turn to peace & trust in the Lord as we await His help & recovery from our temporary distress. In the matter of divorce, it can & does happen & the believer is to remain single & serve the Lord in that state. If a believer chooses to remarry, even multiple times in search of the 'ideal', then that can never be in the Plan of God, rather we being in a state of total disregard & opposition to Him & having a carnal desire to please the flesh, seeking earthly happiness. We cannot serve the lusts of our flesh & God at the same time; we would have to cast off all conviction & urging by the Spirit so that our lusts may be consumed upon ourselves - & that goes for all sin, aside from divorce.
  • Dianne - in Reply on Romans 7
    Gentlemen the only sin that can't be undone is the one that can't be forgiven because it can't be reversed, and I know there will be more that one understanding of what that may be, so question is what does it mean to blaspheme the holy spirit, have heard several takes on this, but ask yourself what is one thing person can commit that cannot be forgiven even by God.
  • Chris - in Reply on Romans 7
    I do agree that God's forgiveness shown to us goes beyond human comprehension, but I fail to see how God forgives when a 'Christian' spurns His Love & Grace afforded him, by living a life of sin - even in the matter before us, on divorce & re-marriage. I even suggested that such a person needs to have a good look at his 'Christian' life & testimony & discern whether he's been living a life of deception to himself & others all the while. When that 'Christian' finally comes to the place of real contrition for his sins (in humility & brokenness), yes, there is a place of repentance, though much damage has been done to several parties which can't be undone & he will have to live with it.

    And I suppose "the one thing that a person can commit that cannot be forgiven even by God" would ultimately be a full rejection of His Love shown through the giving of Himself through His Son. But this opportunity is open till one's last breath, though some mistakenly believe that they take that chance & do so successfully.
  • Daniel - in Reply on Romans 7
    "If you care about having committed the unforgivable sin, you probably haven't."

    I at one point in my life when I was a young man thought I may have committed this sin. I sought scriptures on it , I sought people to explain to me what it actually was. I was in a phycological hell for a time. Until I read a piece on what the unpardonable sin really was. The man who wrote said what I just quoted. The unpardonable sin, he said, was total disregard for the things of God especially if one knows the will of God and has rejected all. Then you die in your sin without the saving Grace that is called the Gift of God. ( Ephesians 2:8)

    If you CARE about having done such a thing points to want to repent . And sorrow that one may have committed it. The person who does not care will not have such a conviction. Because the Unpardonable sin is ignoring the Love of God and the conscience is seared. Faith cannot be restored by such an individual.

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