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  • DiloresAlii on Exodus 13
    How did Israelites become slave in Egypt?
  • Dianne - in Reply on Exodus 13
    A new ruler took over Egypt that did not know joseph theres more read Exodus chapter one.
  • Chris - in Reply on Exodus 13
    To learn that answer, one would need to go back a fair bit - back to Genesis chapter 37. You probably know the story, or can read about it from there, but in a nutshell, Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers to the Midianites who took Joseph into Egypt. When in Egypt, these slave traders sold Joseph to Potiphar, an officer to Pharaoh. Joseph served him faithfully except when Mrs. Potiphar accused Joseph of attempted rape & so Joseph also became a prisoner.

    In time, Joseph, being blessed by God was called to interpret the Pharaoh's dream which resulted in Joseph being honoured with a high position & even given an Egyptian wife. Joseph was still a young man at 30 yrs of age when there was a general famine throughout, but Joseph had the wisdom to store up grain for such an occasion so even other countries round about came to him to buy grain. With that, Jacob, Joseph's father, sent his sons (Joseph's brothers) also to Egypt to buy food, & they didn't realize who they would have to deal with: their brother whom they sold into slavery. But Joseph forgave them their sin & even Pharaoh invited Joseph's family to move over to Egypt & settle there. However, Jacob was old & died & in time, Joseph himself died at 110 yrs of age & was buried in Egypt.

    So Egypt became the home for Israel (= Jacob), but the old Pharaoh also died & a new Pharaoh came into power, "a new king that knew not Joseph" ( Exodus 1:8) & instead of continuing to enjoy freedom & prosperity in Egypt, all the children of Israel became slaves to the Egyptians & even harder bondage. But God still had a plan to free Israel from bondage, so Moses comes onto the scene, even avoiding death as a baby by God's providence. And you know the rest of the story.
  • Dilores Alii - in Reply on Exodus 13
    Oh a changed of the rulers.. begin the slavery...thank you!

    As a believer we must prepared all the time God bless

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