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  • Truth seeker on 1 John 4:15
    If we believe that Jesus is the Son of God it's because God enables us to do that . It's not a mental convent only .

    Many just can not understand that being the Son of God means that he comes from God and is of God and not of this world in a spiritual way , yet he was a true man by virgin birth . He was empowered by God in a way that was intimate and beyond any mans knowing of before . He demonstrated it so often , like walking on water , calming storms , going through walls , etc etc

    He had a relationship with the father before the world because God is before the world was .

    Truly the Son of God and empowered by God , and so much more , yet Still the Son of God and no more . God is still God the same as he always was and will be . Jesus is given the highest place at Gods right hand as Gods first Son .

    Do not confuse who Jesus is , that could be another Jesus if you are not careful . The truth bears witness , we can know God and Jesus whom God is in by birth , and we can have this same fellowship

    As Jesus prayed in the garden before his crucifixion.

    Yes the devil try's to confuse who Jesus is and yet , God is still able to draw us to him . If God be for us who can be against us ? None .

    Jesus is the Son of God .
  • A son - in Reply on 1 John 4:15
    Jesus said a man must be born again , yet Jesus was not born again , he was born once in Bethlehem and needed not to be born again , because he was and is the Son of God .

    Jesus had access to the father by his birth of the Father and also Mary . This is how he can say he is the door to God , and no man can come to God but through him . He and his father are one in that way . But the disciple and others can not understand this . Jesus death on the cross for sins past made the way possible to approach God , the first step , Jesus is the door to God for all men because of his relationship to God . No sin ever between Jesus and God .

    I suppose there is so much that could be said . But when you know Jesus and how he brings you to God it's not hard to understand.It makes more sense when experiencing coming to God through Jesus .

    I hope this helps someone .

    Jesus is the Son of God and can bring you to God the father ! Amen!
  • Truth seeker - in Reply on 1 John 4:15
    Yes Jesus is the way to God .

    Read gospel of John anyone that is interested in this all important subject of Jesus and the Father .

    Chapter 12 to chapter 17 , may the Lord find you and reveal the truth to you , we all are still learning . Press on !

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