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  • OGWEEDO on Revelation 1:15
    Everyone on here worried about the race of someone who was, supposedly, ALL LOVING AND ALL CARING is absolutely disgusting. Jesus loved all, not only those of a certain race. Y'all tripping, it's pathetic how, no matter what, we can never come together. Black people, White people, Asian, Hispanic, Native... Inuit... It doesn't matter, we all bleed red. If we came together as one then real change would come about, but nope... Y'all steady set with these rich masters dictating how y'all feel, who you dislike, who you trust... Divide and conquer, if we stay divided no change will ever come about, just like they want.
  • Ricky D Mentzer - in Reply on Revelation 1:15
    What does this have to do with God's Word, if people would rise up and believe and walk in love mankind wouldn't have problems but because people choose by freedom of Will not to believe we do. Mankind will never get together that's why we were given a Saviour
  • Chris - in Reply on Revelation 1:15
    What you have said is very worrying. I've been on this Site for several months now & have yet to read of someone denigrating someone because of race. Certainly, both we & the moderators of this Site would not let that type of remark pass without due warning & condemnation. It would be good if you gave some examples of what is disturbing you, as I certainly can't recall any.
  • Mild Bill - in Reply on Revelation 1:15
    Ditto what Chris said about racial remarks, and I've been here for years. Examples please, because "everyone on here" would include me, and that isn't so.


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