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  • Michael Smith on Matthew 24:6
    I love the story of Job. I relate to him a lot. I just want to ask why God let Satan kill Job's offspring? I know Jesus loves me but why didn't God forbid the devil to kill them? Is not God's love equally for all people? Did they deserve the punishment? I didn't see anything to indicate that? Job was an example of someone who is upright and faithful. I have always felt that God is Love and still believe so. I feel guilty for even asking the question. Should I be feeling this way?
  • Suzanne - in Reply on Matthew 24:6
    Jobs offspring were worshippers of God as was Job,as such they were not afraid of death ,we r allowed 2 b sad when some one dies as was Job but 2 a true believer such as Job and his family ,death means nothing except sadness that u can no longer see or hear or b with that person in this life .
  • Rick Mentzer - in Reply on Matthew 24:6
    when you read the book pf job in chapter 3 verse 25we read where he says the thing that i greatly fear happened to me. in our lives if you have fear of something going to happen constantly chances are it will. Also God is not the author of death satan was the one who caused all of jobs problems. Remember in the end of job he got back seven fold. When we believe we have no fear, how many times in Gods word does he write fear not, a ton.
  • Chris - in Reply on Matthew 24:6
    I understand your question as being moot. From a human perspective, what God did (or allowed) to Job's offspring seems unwarranted & lacking in love & concern for human value. But if we are to query God for allowing that to happen, then we must include any evil that befalls us & cause us wonder, why did God remain quiet or why didn't He intervene?

    Then the matter of God's Sovereignty & Him being the Creator are brought into question. As well as God's view of death & man's view. And the suffering which the saints have undergone throughout the ages, which would cause man to ask, "Why to those instead of others more worthy?". We could also ask, 'What role does Satan play causing suffering or death to people even now'?

    These matters we have to deal with in our hearts, but there are no easy answers except to submit to the Sovereignty & Wisdom of God, as Job had to do, as Stephen had to do while being stoned, & countless others. We have been given the privilege to be born into the World to experience life & more importantly, the Love of God. Do we then have the right to question the Giver of Life as to why He allows the death of someone now & of another, later? Should we not look at our lives as a gift from God & that He has every right to remove it however & whenever He chooses? The only way I could question God's actions or permissions is if I'm a part of the Godhead (within His very Being). From any other position, I will have to admit to ignorance & submit to His Lordship as the all-wise Creator.
  • Rick Mentzer - in Reply on Matthew 24:6
    The book of job is the great example of The true Gods deliverance and the absolute destructive nature nature of the of the devil or satan also in reading Job in verse 3 he states the thing he was afraid of is what happened to him. What is remarkable he never cursed or slandered God even when His so called friends did talk negative about God JJob stayed faithful and committed and remember satan was told he couldn,t take jobs life. So God was still as always in charge.
  • Homer Baker - in Reply on Matthew 24:6
    in my understanding, on Matthew 24:6

    I have always been told we are supposed to rejoice when Christians go home.

    If our faith was strong enough we would be happy for them because we know they are in a better place.

    A place far better than here.

    God knew this so maybe did 2 things at once and took them home to a better place and

    He showed his lesson to us also.


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