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  • Paul McDaris on Genesis 1
    I'm 68 years old. I grew up in a Christian home the youngest of six children. My dad was a Baptist minister and he and my mom were gone in the evenings mostly and we were left to pretty much raise ourselves during school time. My dad was a country man worker pastor and constantly in revivals. He did what he felt was right and I certainly do NOT blame him but we were never encouraged to have home devotion or Bible studies and we never had that with him when he and mother were there. I was not saved until a few years ago and I'm trying to read Gods word and learn it so I will be pleasing to him. I can't remember like I could when I was younger so my request is would you pray somehow God would open up my brain and help me comprehend his word as he intended for his children to do. I get frustrated and skip days as I know I shouldn't but especially in the Old Testament it is hard for me to understand. I know he says in his word if we want knowledge he will give it to us more abundantly so where am I going wrong? Please pray when I set time aside to read his word, my mind will be removed of all worries and things to distract me. Thank you so much. God Bless you for doing this great work for him on line and I'm so thankful he led me here to read and learn. You will certainly be rewarded in heaven for sending out his great words. Again,thank you so much. Paul


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