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  • Kevin Stayrook on Philippians 2
    Genesis 1 26 -28 I need some help to understand this , If I take this as I do that everything in the Bible is TRUE . Then Adam and Eve were not the first people God made , because why would he say that they have dominion over all the beast , and be fruitful and multiply , God did not state that till Adam and Eve was sent out of Eden . Just need a little help cause I was always told Adam and Eve were FIRST. Would explain were Cain's wife came from , help please
  • Gary Lee - in Reply on Philippians 2
    Hi Kevin. If you are referring to "let us make an in our image" then God was talking to JESUS and the Holy Spirit. In the Godhead you have the Father, Word and the Holy Spirit an these three are one. So God is 3 but operates as one as all 3 agrees when something is done. In vs 28 he says to Adam male and female to take care of all living things (animals and plants) as we know them today. So Adam male and female was the first humans created on this earth. If you wondering about Genesis 2vs7 then God is just restating how Adam was formed in Genesis 1:26. At this stage Eve was still not visible to Adam. Eve was later formed out of Adam's rib and revealed to him but she was part of him up till then. You could say that Adam was both male and female when God created him. Be careful to keep it in context. This might give creedance to the LGBTQ community stance though.


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