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  • Valerie on Genesis 1
    There are times we don't know why things happen the way they do, so we become fretful, fearful, begging and demanding for Yah/Elohim to fix our life. I pray that we let go and turn everything over to our Creator of Heaven and Earth. Yes never cease praying, and when 2 or more are gather in HIS name Yah is in the mist. Christ said lay all our burdens on him. It can be hard when we see our love ones and friends going through issues of life. I pray that we will Bless HIS Holy name, give thanks to HIM, praise HIM, sing to HIM, and exalt HIM, and when we do He will hear us clearly. When we asked for things to be fix in our life, Yah/Elohim already knows before we open our mouths. With that said give thanks to HIM, and Bless Him our Father who art in heaven. I pray that all these prayers are answer according to HIS will. I pray that when we come to HIM just thank HIM for all HIS mercy and grace HE has given us to this point. There are no coincidences in like, because God makes no mistakes. Sometimes He may try to get our attention, oh I know because me being a stiff neck in life ignoring HIM certainly got my attention later in life. We are in these trying days where everything may look bad, but let not our hearts be fearful but filled with Elohim will. Jesus Christ said that he will send the comforted to us. If we ask it shall be given to us, but let not our faith waver. I pray that we continue to humble and submit ourselves to HIS will, and trust all thing works for the good who put trust in our ABBA FATHER. I pray that Christ Jesus (Yeshua) give us strength and power to defeat the darkness of this world. Remember we are made of light and in HIS image. Remember there is no darkness in our beloved God/Yah. May peace be with us all, and I pray for speedy recovery for the sick, people are financially struggling, people who feel sad, and people who feel like given up. Christ Jesus lives within you. Keep saying His name Jesus Christ and calling on him. peace
  • Dan - in Reply on Genesis 1
    Thank you for your honesty. You describe what I am going through. I will pray for now...1100 est on 13 January. God bless
  • Valerie - in Reply on Genesis 1
    Be strong and hold on to HIS hands, because Jesus Christ will never let your hands go. I am not sure what exactly is going on in your life, but just know you are loved by Our Father in Heaven. Remember in the beginning of the bible where God said "Let there be" and it was so? Yah or our Lord gives us that same power because we are made in His image. Sometimes we all wonder what is taking God so long to answer our prayers. I have learned that it is not my timing, and my ways are not His ways. I have learned to let things go and give it to the Almighty. We always want to be in control, because we often think that we know all the answers to life. We all need to step back and let God/Elohim take control of the wheel. Wow was that hard for me and that is my biggest struggle, but I am doing it, giving it all to Yah, just like I pray you and others are. Stay safe and may the Lord bless you and keep you and give you strength and give you peace. Shalom.......blessings and praises to Yah


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