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  • Sylvia Blade on Revelation 13:8
    Have everyone is this world heard about Jesus Christ?
  • Chris - in Reply on Revelation 13:8
    Sadly, No. There are many all over the world, especially amongst the tribals in various countries, that the Gospel hasn't gone out to yet. And there are many who have heard of Jesus, but have received information that is wrong & not according to what the Bible teaches. There is some work going on amongst the tribals in India, & may well be also in Africa, South America & East Asia, but that work is very difficult. Firstly, missionaries going to them need to be accepted by the tribe, they have to learn the language & develop a usable script & slowly begin to share the Truths that will free them from idolatrous or animistic beliefs. Many of God's servants are killed at the time of first contact but the Gospel still goes out & many get saved.


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