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  • Lisa on Psalms 2
    Hello Christian brethren, I am in need of G-d's Divine Direction, Protection and Intervention in my immediate life's situation. I do not know what to do but to cry out to G-d and to ask for His Loving, Compassionate Help and Assistance. I need G-d to protect me from being oppressed and tyrannized by unreasonable enemies. I thank you in advance for your prayers and bless those who bless me. Blessings to all G-d's Elect and Chosen Ones in these Last Days of Noah. I thank You Father G-d in advance for all that You have done in my life and are doing and are currently working on to bring Glory and Honor to Your Holy Name. I pray to serve and to minister to others soon how You saved and delivered me out of all my troubles so that others can come to know You and the great steadfast love You have for Your Creation. I love You Abba Yah and I love my neighbor as myself. I have learned from my G-dly Discipline that You are to be Feared and Obeyed. I only desire to do Your Will and to be pleasing in Your sight, so can You please make and mold me in the image of Yahawishi so that I am beautiful to You.


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