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  • Joyce Ellis on Habakkuk 2
    Verse 2. Write the vision and make it plain. Please help me understand this verse.
  • Chris - in Reply on Habakkuk 2
    God's prophets, as Habakkuk was, received God's Messages to them or for the people in various ways. Here we see that Habakkuk received a vision (i.e. it wasn't in a dream, but a vivid portrayal of what was to come before his eyes). He was instructed to not just regurgitate the vision by word to others but he was to write it down on tables (or, tablets which could be of hardy material such as stone or wood), & to write it legibly (i.e. using clear large characters), so that those reading it may read it correctly & become so disturbed & horrified by this prophecy, that they go in haste to proclaim this news.

    And verse 3 is important: this prophecy was yet to be fulfilled at a much later time but when that time arrives, it would be fulfilled to the letter. And even if might seem a long time in being fulfilled, the command was to be patient & wait for it, as what the Lord ordains will happen. And of course, the prophecy was given because of Judah's many sins & idolatrous ways, resulting in the forthcoming captivity by Nebuchadnezzar's invasion & taking them prisoners to Babylon. Even similar prophecies have been given from time to time as God always sends out His warning by the prophets to His people. But the people never change & so they suffered greatly under His Hand.


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