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  • Robert L hooper on 1 John 3:4
    what is the different between doing wrong and sin
  • Adam - in Reply on 1 John 3:4
    Hi Robert,

    All sin is wrong. All wrong, or at least, most 'wrong' I can think of is also sin. So, I think these are practically synonymous in my view.

    Some pick their own list of what they consider 'wrong' so this list may not line up exactly with another person's list.

    But God's examples of sin should be universal and absolute.
  • Robert Hooper - in Reply on 1 John 3:4
    Doing wrong is going against what man say or constitute is right but sin is going against what God say. That's why the Bible say "For the wages of sin is death" that means all sin, but it does not say for the wages of doing wrong is death because some wrong doing will lead to death


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