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  • Alyson slaughtergilbert on James 2:3
    Would like to know what Bible Scriptures support celebrating manmade holidays is not about the most high.
  • Chris - in Reply on James 2:3
    Just my thoughts: I don't believe there's any prohibition in the Bible to 'celebrating' or even just acknowledging holidays created by men (governments). Even Christmas & Easter, which we know, have their roots in paganism, but has been 'christianized' to remember the Lord in His Birth, Death & Resurrection. Each one has to decide in his/her own heart what they consider as acceptable, proper Christian belief & practise. It's when you get into countries that do not have a Judeo/Christian basis of government or values, then the believers in those countries may get their holidays as time off work as others do, but should not participate in their celebrations. The Hindus & Muslims have their specific holidays which are rooted deeply in their religion & practises, so it won't be correct for the Christian to identify with those; however, many do.

    The early Church, as we read in the New Testament, often met together for fellowship, ministry from the Word & the breaking of bread. At this time, as I picture it, they would have found in & during their fellowship meal, the time to quieten their hearts & be led in remembrance of their Lord & Saviour, in what Christendom now celebrates as Christmas & Easter as well. So we can't judge one another in this matter - each has to be convinced in his/her own heart, respecting those who wish to acknowledge or distance themselves from any particular celebration. And I don't believe the Lord would be concerned either, rather how the Christian's heart behaves, not only in this matter, but all that comes before us requiring our thought & decision.


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