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  • 1 searching on 1 John 4
    Verse 20, is the writer talking about just christian brothers and sisters?
  • Chris - in Reply on 1 John 4
    Yes, John is writing to Christians in his epistle. And yet the truth of love is upon each person, whether Christian or the non-Christian who claims to know & love God: that true love for God demands a love for one another. Or else, how can that earthly love be real when we claim to love God, Who can't be felt or seen.

    But what does that Love entail? This is a pure, holy, Christlike love. One that reaches out to a brother, sister or anyone in need: whether for comfort, provision, practical help, or whatever. The opposite of that is, turning away from the needy, even when the Spirit impresses upon the believers' heart to go forward & minister to him/her. And in extreme cases, even when considering our own lives when another is about to perish, thus we hold back. I know this can be difficult as many factors come into play, but we need to keep tender hearts towards all people, regardless on how we're treated, reaching out to them as Christ would have done & expects us to do. And yes, we are all still growing in this area & hopefully maturing into the fullness of Christ's Love in us & through us.

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