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  • Gary F Craig on Revelation 15
    Revelation 15:1 references ..."the seven last plagues...". If the Spanish Flu of 1918 was the first plague, and the Corona Virus is the second plague-does that mean we have 5 more plagues before the Armageddon and the 2nd coming of Christ?

    What are the current opinions of Biblical scholars on this?
  • Melinda - in Reply on Revelation 15
    We allready had the more than 5 plagues first. On was it frogs or locus or both
  • Chris - in Reply on Revelation 15
    It's my opinion that the reference to plagues in Revelation 15 & 16 cannot be found in the various plagues that have afflicted humans over the ages (& there have certainly been many). Looking at the word in Greek, 'plague' (plege; pr. play-gay), means a 'blow, wound, affliction, plague', & not necessarily as how we understand the word or the inference we place on it.

    In Revelation, we are told about the seven angels with their seven vials & that they empty out their vials in succession, causing a great sore on those who received the Mark & worshipped the beast. The succeeding vials contained that which rendered the sea useless for life, then upon the rivers & streams, the constant burning heat of the sun, utter darkness, drying up of the Euphrates to open the way for the eastern nations to move westward, & finally the great earthquake & hailstorm.

    I can't correlate any of these occurrences to what has taken place on Earth thus far affecting mankind, as they appear quite distinct in nature & affecting the coming Anti-Christ & those who follow him. And these, by virtue of their description, would indicate that the whole world will be afflicted by these 'plagues', which then gives support that those who have placed their trust in Jesus for salvation will not be around to experience this, which is otherwise called the Wrath of God poured out upon wickedness. Therefore, it's my understanding that the plagues that the world has experienced thus far are those that are part & parcel of the evils that come upon us because we are sinful people living in a sin affected world; but that which is to come will be different & coming in rapid succession as a result of God's Anger against the Devil incarnate & his followers.
  • Gary F Craig - in Reply on Revelation 15
    Melinda, so in your opinion, we have already had 7 plagues prior to the Spanish Flu and Covod 19? And if so, would the Spanish Flu and the Covid be 1 and 2 of the coming 7 plagues in Revelation?


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