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  • Rich on Matthew 26:27
    Good day Sir. the passover was celebrated yearly by the Israelites, it was a festival,which the disciples kept. In the New Testament,Jesus Christ, why then do churches do it any time at,but not yearly? I see Paul in Acts going to witness Pentecost day which follows Passover.

    So, i don't understand y today's church recognize Pentecost day yearly,but refuse to honor The Passover yearly as in scripture.NB: I mean Passover,not easter,please.
  • Chris - in Reply on Matthew 26:27
    The Lord & His disciples recognized & celebrated the Passover because the fulfilment of that Feast was not realized fully until the crucifixion of Christ.

    As the Israelites in Egypt applied the blood of the animal on their doorposts so that the Lord would 'pass over' & not kill their firstborn, so through Christ's death, God's Lamb was sacrificed on our behalf & His Blood applied to our hearts & lives. By faith we accept that work of Grace & through faith the Blood cleanses us from every sin; the Lord seeing the application of the Cross in our lives, means He passes by us & we stand uncondemned & not face eternal death.

    There is no reason for believers in Christ to commemorate Passover, if they do, they would bring themselves under the requirements of its intended meaning & application & that is no longer valid, as what the Israelites looked forward to (maybe, unknowingly), we have fully received through Jesus Christ. Their salvation from the bondage in Egypt is now our salvation from bondage to sin & condemnation.
  • Rich - in Reply on Matthew 26:27
    Thanks for the response. i don't mean the Passover of the Israelites, i mean Christ Jesus,our Passover accordn to 1 corinthians 5,7 n how he taught his disciples to celebrt. It's a feast so y not yearly,but people do as n when they prefer. Thanks for ya time Sir
  • Shaarei - in Reply on Matthew 26:27
    So not let any man judge your feasts! sabbaths! full moons! ...the sabbath was made for man and not man for the sabbath....therefore jesus is lord of the sabbath! so what can your feasts avail...worship in spirit and truth ...then you will be led in his paths of righteousness and not look to mans traditions of celebrated events that do not matter !

    jesus is the only way !

    and looking upon jesus as he walked he saith behold the lamb of god !

    but you are looking to feasts and hoping to gain approval!

    eyes on jesus!

    faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of god!

    get the word into you !

    get faith in jesus mighty name

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