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  • Alex on Isaiah 43:21
    Alex's comments about the Israel of God. This ppl have i formed for my self , What is he speaking of, which ppl, the Israel of God which are spirits that comes from the seed of the sower the living Words of God which are spirits as God is spirit .Jesus said that which is born of the spirit is spirit which are the good seeds the living words of God that are gona be born in our hearts etc THE ISRAEL OF GOD that are gonna come via the seed of Christ not the seed of any man these are the Children of Promise our new innerman which is spirit . Thats y the sun nor the moon lites on them simply b/c they are spirits GODS . Jesus will reproduce after the God kind simply b/c he is God the son and his seed is the living word the very seed of God .These are the new things Isaiah speaks of ,that new creature that is gonna be born in US ,That new heaven and new earth . This ppl have i formed for my self they shall shew forth my PRAISE WHICH ARE THE BABES AND SUCKLINGS THE LIVING WORDS THAT CAN PRAISE HIM PERFECTLY, Be ye perfect as your father in heaven is perfect , The gift of the H.G is gonna make us perfect simply b/c the H.G is God the granson that seed of Christ Jesus that is gonna become the Israel of God.Outta the mouths of babes and sucklings thou has perfected Praise these are that ppl he has formed for himself the ISRAEL OF GOD. The bride that heavenly Jacob . Unless the Lord of the sabbath had left us a seed we wd have been made like sodom and gomarah thus the seed of the sower is gona make us perfect as it is the seed of a kingdom and a king O IMMANUEL The stretching out of his wings are gona fill this whole world , Remember David saw this whole world at rest and full of his GLORY. ( Behold ME and the Children the LORD has given ME are they not for signs and wonders to the house of Israel ( the Israel of God ) There,s a baby Christ in our near future thats y Jesus was born that he might produce an Israel of God via his precious Seed living WORD TH H.G. TH PROMISE.
  • Joyce L bruhn - in Reply on Isaiah 43:21
    And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." (Romans 8:28) when seeking answers -sometimes its hard to find Gods will or purpose for my life- through all the agendas of others -deceiving us through lies and false messages ,and even my own short comings in prayers and interpretations --I second guess things -now -where as before I was more confident in what the Lord was telling me -- i turned to the Lord-for all advice and prayed , read the bible -I get the answers and things were progressing --now looking back-my husband was the wrong choice the inability to have financial stability and a Christian home-says all my efforts were a waste - meaning it started well then I guess somewhere it was stressful and my agendas to relieve it going to god for answers well well It was a failure big time but we are alive --so was it to conclude now i come to the lord with his purpose --so now again I come to the Lord with a decision--tell me suggestions on my approach --seeking Gods will and purpose
  • Yvette pittman - in Reply on Isaiah 43:21
    Alexis i agree with your comment . kenneth the bible says: in Romans 3:23 for everyone has sinned,we all fall short of god's glorious standard.'
  • Joyce - in Reply on Isaiah 43:21
    I had. Man wonderful people in my life. I SPENT many years helping others growing in christ serving christ. I starting at a elementery age reading and stufying the bible.Then at 17 through current i have went through trinulations that scare me to thr core. Forgiveness was the big wall for me I am currently reafy to forgive my coworkers for the evil attacks and robberies _the multiple ifentity thefts-the lies and evidence set ups that almost landed me in prison yes while i was working going to school. Raising my children step children etc someone identity thefted me and my name was in crime and my coworkers said it was me. And the cops came for me can you believe that__ the attack with a tazer gun the attempted poisoming _ i currently found some peace in the lord by letting him hamdle it i womt visit it i am back to finding gods love and he is protecti ng me now that i dont go to work ___


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