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  • Amber on Revelation 22:2
    hi i was wondering how do i teach people evolution is fake.
  • Chris - in Reply on Revelation 22:2
    Just to add to Steven's suggestion: the Site, 'Answers in Genesis' is also quite informative & even has a section for children dealing with this creation/evolution conundrum that they might be facing. With children, they generally readily accept teaching given to them & possibly asking questions later. However, if you're dealing with adults, then any argument 'for or against' will come down to its common denominator: if everything created by definition requires a creator, then who created God? Conversely, those who are proponents of the 'Big Bang' that brought into being the worlds & eventually living creatures/species, have to also support how any chemical, seismic, physical activity can occur without there already substance to cause that to happen - hence, the need for a creator of that 'substance'.

    Man can only look at the evidence before him & use his knowledge (& imagination) working backwards to support his belief of an evolutionary process for the animate & inanimate worlds. Believers in God's Word begin from the first declaration (by God), & then work forwards finding that what we see & know now, fully supports Who God is & what He has done. But if the discussion is purely on the evolution of man from primate to homo sapien, then you will need to go deeper into the biological & spiritual dimensions as well as the possibility/impossibility of creating something of a different species from an established one. That would require much more scientific investigation.
  • Steven Spencer - in Reply on Revelation 22:2
    HI Amber, Chuck Missler does a good job on that topic, "creation vs evolution".

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