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  • Michael marselli on 1 Kings 18
    Mary was Jesus biological mother joseph was not his biological father
  • Bob - in Reply on 1 Kings 18
    I believe Mary being Jesus mother and she was Holy at the time of the union with the Holy Spirit or It never would have taken place . So Jesus was a perfect union of God and flesh .

    With God all things are possible . Who really understands it ? God . But we know Jesus is flesh and of God . Not one or the other but both .
  • Chris - in Reply on 1 Kings 18
    That's correct if Mary's 'contribution' to the birth of Jesus was simply to provide the means for a human baby to form & be ushered into the World. If we think that anything from Mary (i.e. her ovum) was contributed to develop the babe, then I believe that would be false. Why? Then Jesus would have been born with a sin nature as we are & we know that He never had one. Even under temptation ( Matthew 4:1-11), it was Satan's desire to cause Jesus to sin thereby causing the sin nature to be imputed, & that Jesus would become like us, sinners. When we're tempted to sin, we give in easily because Satan's appeal is already to a fertile ground of sin - but this was not the case with Jesus. The Divine Seed became human only because of the human 'mechanism' employed to bring him into the World. Or else, God could have just made Jesus as He did with Adam & Eve - but that wouldn't work as the prophecies of Jesus' coming still need to be performed.

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