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  • Andy Metz on Daniel 2:43
    Daniel 2:43 is one of the most intriguing verses of the Old Testament. For a possible explanation, remember what Jesus said, "As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be when the Son of Man returns." For those who miss the true meaning of Genesis 6 (fallen Angel's assuming human form, and siring mutant half-angel, half human GIANTS), what Jesus said about the conditions on earth at the time of His return corresponding to the conditions of Noah's time would not have the full meaning. Why did God judge the earth with a global Flood, killing everyone but Noah and his family? Yes, conditions were exceedingly wicked on the earth, and all the imaginations of men's heart were evil, but what was the PRIMARY reason God's judgment fell? It was because Satan had introduced his plan to corrupt the entire human Genome- and invalidate God's promise made in Genesis 3 concerning the "Seed of the woman") by introducing alien, satanic DNA via the co-habitation of fallen angels ("who left their first estate" and took on human form) with the daughters of men, of whom they took as many as they wanted (indicating this un-natural intermarriage- which was detestable to God- was occurring on a LARGE basis). WHY did God choose Noah to carry on the human race? Not only because Noah was a "just man" and a :"righteous man", but because Noah was PERFECT IN HIS GENERATIONS, i.e. Noah's bloodline had not been contaminated by an admixture, somewhere in his bloodline, eith the SEED OF THE SERPENT. if Satan could contaminate the ENTIRE human Genome with the SEED OF THE SERPENT, God's promise that the SEED OF THE WOMAN (Christ) who would crush the HEAD of the Serpent's seed would be invalidated. It's quite possible that, as it was in the Days of Noah, Satan will once again attempt to staff the leadership of the earth with half-angel, half-human beings, the product of the pairing of a fallen angel with a daughter of Adam. Ultimately, of course, it will be totally unsuccessful. Jesus has ALREADY won

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