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  • Jessie D on Matthew 13:41
    13:41 what kingdom is Jesus talking about?
  • Chris - in Reply on Matthew 13:41
    Jesus gave a series of parables & if we take it up from verse 36, when the disciples came to Him to enquire about the sower who sowed good seed & the tares came up with them.

    The crop field is the World; the Sower is Jesus; the good seed are the children of the Kingdom; the tares are the followers of Satan; & God's angels sort the good from the bad.

    So we see here that Jesus is speaking of those who are or will be in His Kingdom (one the many facets of it). Jesus is seeing His Church, into which the good seed was sown & which brought forth fruit unto Him. Yet, the enemy has also been busy, sowing his tares amongst the good seed. If the Church can easily see them, knowing them by their fruit & behaviour, then Church discipline is in order. Sometimes though, the tares remain hidden & dormant, what we can't see but do not escape the Eyes of God. At the harvest-time, all the Church will experience 'reaping', but God will separate the good seed that was sown from the bad seed sown by the enemy.

    And the Church from its earliest days, suffered the intrusion of Satan by those claiming to have God's Word to impart, but gave out teaching foreign to those from Christ & His apostles, & tried to lead innocent believing souls away from Christ. And this wicked work still goes on in the Church today, so the warning given by the Lord. So we are the Kingdom of God on Earth for now as His Spirit indwells His Children - but in the Millenium, Christ will reign from Jerusalem ruling from His Kingdom & we will be there as well, so that His Kingdom will be realized.
  • Jessie D - in Reply on Matthew 13:41
    Thank You :)
  • Dinesh - in Reply on Matthew 13:41
    About Jeshurun
  • Chris - in Reply on Matthew 13:41
    If you're enquiring about the meaning or use of this word, Jeshurun, then I share the following:

    Jeshurun means 'upright one or blessed one'. It was a term of endearment applied to Jacob (Israel) as God's beloved, His special people. We see the word appearing in Isaiah 44:1,2; Deuteronomy 32:15, 33:5, 33:26,27.

    Even though Israel often failed the God Who loved them dearly & provided for them, God still waited for them to return to Him & love Him instead of idols. God still through all this spiritual adultery, called them "Jeshurun".

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