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  • Ry Rick Colombe on Isaiah 20:4
    Here we are at Christmas time again. I struggle with Christmas, as I do Easter. I find it very hard to accept either holiday and believing that God is happy with "Christians" as many support these holidays, which have roots to pagan gods. Please reply based on God's Word. Thank you.
  • Chris - in Reply on Isaiah 20:4
    I can't respond to what you've said by quoting from the Word, as it remains silent on a subject that I understand was not Church practice at that time. However, I believe you're correct in your thoughts about these 'Christian' holidays which have their roots in paganism.

    Of the early Church, which should have made much ado about their Saviour's birth, death & resurrection by commemorating them on particular days, I note that the Word remains noticeably quiet. Yet, in the meaning & practise of the Lord's Supper, I tend to believe that they acknowledged Jesus' coming & work on the Cross at this time, without the need for the allocation of special days (which days they too, like us, may not be certain of).

    Like you, I was very pedantic on this subject when I first came to Christ, as I was, with many other beliefs & practises of Christians. I only wanted to follow the teaching from the Word & not the teaching & traditions of men. Over the years, I have quietened & softened over the matter, taking comfort that at least the ungodly world can on these two occasions in the year, receive something of the glorious message of God. That they may know that this holiday time is not just a happy celebration of loved ones coming together in fellowship, but to consider the yearning of God to have fellowship & intimacy with all of them through His Son.

    So how does God view the Christian's observance of these holidays? Again, I note that the Apostle Paul went to any length to be able to win souls for Christ. 1 Corinthians 9:20-23: He "became a Jew under the Law once again" (though not turning to Judaism) & to the "weak" (in faith & in mind), he became like them (in understanding their faithlessness), just so that by his identification with his hearers, he may be able to create open hearts to receive the Gospel which sets men free from the burden of the Law & is the trigger to receiving saving faith. We can use these occasions, any occasions, to share Christ's Love to all.
  • Rob - in Reply on Isaiah 20:4
    It's a shame the KJV has been used by many cults , they always devise doctrine that is contrary to the scriptures them selves . Being led by spirits of Antichrist. Stick with the Bible and Gods given wisdom , ask of God if you lack it


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