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  • Roy Garcia on Matthew 23:9

    Referring to spiritual father not carnal.
  • Chris - in Reply on Matthew 23:9
    Indeed. Even as the Roman Catholics have their priests & 'fathers' as they also refer to the Pope as 'Holy father' or 'Sancta Papa'. We can never ascribe to any man such a position & relationship as that we have to Almighty God, our Heavenly Father.

    When Jesus spoke about this matter, it seemed that the Jewish leaders/teachers used that title, supposing that "the teacher formed the man" therefore giving them that right or authority. However, the Source of all life & Truth is from God & is God, so there can be no man that deserves such an honour. Yet as you correctly say, that Jesus' warning is not directed to our natural fathers, who can be called such because of our biological relationship to them.
  • Steve - in Reply on Matthew 23:9
    Yet many hold to trinity doctrines of the RCC that are part and parcel of the same false religion, you later said God is only father and you are correct as Jesus called him father and God . No man even Jesus never claimed the position of God .

    There is one Lord God and Jesus acknowledged that yet RCC and many others can not comprehend this . Jesus is born of God comes from God , Son of God and Mary . But not the LORD GOD . No man can claim this as you said and neither did Jesus .
  • Chris - in Reply on Matthew 23:9
    Steve, I think we've broached this matter before in our discussions. Whilst I believe in the complete Unity of God & that God is One, but from Him, we are taught from the Scriptures, proceed the Word & the Spirit. Though the original comment by Roy was one of 'fatherhood', I believe that the Word sent from God to become Man, expresses God's Fatherhood to His Son Jesus Christ. However, since the Unity of God has never been broken, the Son even at the Father's right Hand, remains wholly within the Unity of God & the full expression of His Person.

    Of Jesus in the OT is written: Isaiah 9:6, Psalm 45:6,7 (cf Hebrews 1:8), Psalm 110:1, Daniel 7:13,14.

    In the NT: John 1:1-14, Philippians 2:5-8, Titus 2:13 (cf John 20:28), 1 John 5:20 & many more.

    So I don't believe it was the RCC or the Nicene Council that introduced the understanding of the Godhead, but what we see & learn from the Scriptures. But to say that Jesus is presently the Almighty God, without the presence of the Father in Heaven is wrong, as other Scriptures attest to it. The apostles & early Church believed in the deity of Christ & so we take it from there & hold onto it, even though our human understanding is limited & weak to understand the personality of God & His revelation to us.
  • Steve - in Reply on Matthew 23:9
    I fully disagree . RCC is fully corrupt . And apostles doctrine never taught this God dishonoring doctrine .

    Jesus was born of God and there fore his Son and RCC never had the spiritual understanding.

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