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  • Ernest Hines on Matthew 10
    Was the Gift of the Holy Spirit promised by Adonai ,and sent back by Jesus Christ at Pentecost : afterwards accomplished by the laying on of hands by a qualified Christian/s ?

    Or, does a Christian receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit automatically upon being Born Again ?

    What say you.

    Thank You
  • Chris - in Reply on Matthew 10
    I believe that one who has truly repented for his sins, receiving the salvation of Jesus through faith in the Blood, is born again by the Spirit of God. That being the case, then the reception of the Spirit must be in residence that person's life because it is the Spirit's Work alone, & the new child in Christ is sealed (or, marked) as God's property. And this sealing is God's guarantee that we belong to Him unto "the redemption of the purchased possession" (Ephesians 1:13,14).

    This then has to be the experience of every child of God & the presence & working of the Spirit in him, will produce many ways of confirmation to our hearts. It could be an outward manifestation of a spiritual Gift or an inward witness of that Divine indwelling. In Acts chapter 2, we read of the very first reception of the Holy Spirit upon the new Church, with the evidence of speaking in other languages as witness to both speaker & hearer. Then in Acts chapter 8 we see that the laying of hands was required for the Christians in Samaria, who believed on Jesus through Philip's preaching, but had not received the Holy Spirit. Peter & John went to them that they too might receive the Spirit. All this happened to the fledgling Church as it was being established on Christ's Sacrifice, His teaching & that of the apostles.

    But in Acts chapter 10, Cornelius & others who heard the Word brought to them by Peter, had the Holy Spirit come upon them, even while Peter was still preaching, as they then spoke in other tongues. Or, when the Ethiopian Eunuch was baptised by Philip, no mention is made about the Ethiopian receiving the Spirit. So, it seems that in the establishment of the Church & with the apostles present, God at times used them to minister the Spirit to believers. But today, with the Church now grounded in the Word, matured in Christ & with no apostolic presence, the Spirit is given liberally to all who are truly born again, who call upon the Lord in faith.


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