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  • Paul Collins on Matthew 1
    Are all who say they are Christians really Christians? Who said I die daily--do you? I find very few so called Christians really are.
  • Mari B - in Reply on Matthew 1
    To Paul Collins, Amen brother.Those that ave the truth knows to be a true Christian is to obey the gospel & to know our God. Follow God in all his ways. Yes, pick up your cross & follow him. To have the mind of Christ, to love as he loves. We can not do anything without his help. 2 commands are that we must love him w all of our heart, soul, mind, & strength & love our neighbor as thyself. We can not do this in the flesh. We must have the power of God indwelling in us, the Holy Ghost (Spirit). Acts 1:8 says you will receive power once that the Holy Ghost has come upon you. We must live for God. Without holiness no man shall see the Lord. I want everything God has for me. Prayer is everything. We must be in prayer always.We must do the will of God.

    We must always listen for him to speak to us. He will certainly speak to you + it's amazing to hear him in that still small voice. It brings joy to my heart & I tell him so. Live a life unto God. Speak with loving kindness. Do not love the world. "For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God". I love God's truth.
  • Paul McDaris - in Reply on Matthew 1
    To the one about Matthew and we must live and love in our lives like God. You are powerful I need you around all of the time. Such an uplift to hear the truth from you like that. Keep it up I need your kind of encouragement and I believe God brought me here to read exactly what you said. Thank you and thank you God for your leadership.
  • Rev Dr Paul Collins - in Reply on Matthew 1
    I have been in the ministry for over 40 years and find your reply very on the spot. Just believing is not enough for it says in the bible that "even the devils believe and tremble." My ministry has mainly "Set Your House in Order". Thanks for your comment.


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