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  • Mild Bill on Colossians 3
    Virginia, Saying conveys meaning, and understanding starts in seeing the context the verse is in. That is, read both before and after the verse for context, meaning how it ought to be understood. Mary is the "she" spoken of. Both before and after verse 21 we learn that she is Joseph's wife and a virgin, yet, she is pregnant. The son she is bearing is of the Holy Ghost and a fulfilment of prophecy. The son has a purpose as a savior. The meaning of his name and his life is to accomplish the salvation of God's people.

    Study is to gather information and understanding comes when you desire the meaning. When it comes to the Bible, pray/ask God for his help, after all, he is the author and quite capable of revealing what you need to know. I hope this helps you learn for yourself, as God indeed, wants you to.

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