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  • Edwin saunooke on Jeremiah 7
    who was the queen of heaven?
  • Chris - in Reply on Jeremiah 7
    The mention of Queen of Heaven in Jeremiah chapters 7 & 44 refers to an Assyrian & Babylonian goddess, also known as Ashtoreth & Astarte by other groups. She was thought to the wife of the false god, Baal & women were particularly inclined towards her, as she was known to be a 'fertility goddess' as well. Sadly, Israel, who often was severely accused & punished by the True God for their embracing these false gods & goddesses, are seen here in Jeremiah actually giving much of their time & importance to this goddess, thereby bringing on God's Anger again through the prophet.

    And though Israel largely rejected such worship later on, & certainly Christians are careful not to introduce idols & worship of them into our faith, Roman Catholics still practise idolatry & venerate & worship Mary, even referring to her in one of her titles, as the "Queen of Heaven & Earth". I wonder where this belief & worship of anything else but the True God emanated from?

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