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  • Dan on Matthew 17:20
    The opposite of Faith is unbelief. Unbelief dishonors God and blocks his ability to respond to our prayers and our requests for him to act on our behalf. Here, Jesus is telling his disciples their problem was unbelief and the need for much more prayer and fasting. Obviously, Christ is suggesting to them and us as well that, further prayer and fasting is what removes the unbelief that stagnates and blocks the Lords ability to respond to our requests. A "little" faith is all that the Lord needs to respond to our prayers but "unbelief" that the Lord will actually do what we are requesting thwarts the whole process. This verse tells me that the enemies of Christ are well versed in the spiritual laws and implications of shallow faith and ineffective prayers. They are under the authority of Christ and not the authority of man and will respond accordingly. It also tells me that I need to be ever closer to my heavenly Father in prayer and fasting if I'm to have any chance of waging battle in the spiritual arena.
  • Mishael - in Reply on Matthew 17:20
    Sometimes fasting means turning off all of the media. Read scripture. Just sit and wait on the Lords response. I got rid of cable years ago because of the noise, aggravation and cost. I enjoy the quiet.
  • Dan - in Reply on Matthew 17:20
    That's a great point...I know I sure could use a lengthy media fast. Thanks for the reply.


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