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  • Thaddous g on Luke 21:34
    Many Christians get distracted with the cares of the life we live now. Distracted by our finances or our business or loving golfing or some pleasure of ours to the point where we want to do nothing for the kingdom of God. Our Lord warns to keep him as our focal point, and not to be drunk or take more than what is necessary in this life into our hearts. He promised to provide all our needs, so if we just learn to rest IN HIM, we will never be caught off our Christian watch. In these end times, we have got to put our complete focus on HIM.
  • Steven Spencer - in Reply on Luke 21:34
    i agree thadeus, this world especially in these times its easy to get distracted. we need that mind set throughout the week, and we need people like that in our circle to urge one another to stay grounded.


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