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  • Spike4187 on James 1:22
    Any idea to who Peter is referring to or talking about in 2 Peter 10-12? Thanks
  • Chris - in Reply on James 1:22
    I think you are referring to 2 Peter 2:10-12, Spike. If so, Peter is warning believers about the false prophets in the world & specifically the false teachers amongst them, who were of their number (verse 1). So enraged was Peter over their pernicious beliefs, teachings & despicable acts, that he has devoted a whole chapter to denounce them & warn believers to identify them & turn away from them.

    Peter shares things about those false teachers which we today might not have specific knowledge of, but Peter's readers would know quite well what Peter was referring to as they connect the dots. With Peter's help, it would have become abundantly clear to them about these teachers' fleshly, corrupt, unbiblical teaching that they were overwhelming believers with, in the light & contrast to what the Scriptures had to say. What made it worse, was that their teaching became even more believable as great oratory skills using enticing words, were employed (v 18).
  • Spike4187 - in Reply on James 1:22
    What made me wonder was when Peter wrote about despising government, and the Angels who have more power and might bring not railing accusations against them before the Lord. Made me wonder it it was something other than false Christians who have entered the church. I think I see these types on Television. Many of these preachers I used to watch on Television would say things that were not Biblical, such as Copeland saying God is the biggest failure of the Bible. You can watch that clip on You Tube. Jesse Duplantis claims he counseled God, Joseph Prince who says repentance is a change in your attitude from thinking negatively to thinking positively. These dudes twist the gospel message to fit their own type of Theology that better fills their purses. Copeland with what he says makes me wonder how he ever got to where he got to. How can people sit there and listen to his blasphemy and heresy? Thanks for your response!
  • Chris - in Reply on James 1:22
    You're quite correct in your observations about the many, who for reasons known only to themselves, promote themselves or their errant teachings to the deception & detriment of many gullible believers. But how can we judge them in all truth? Each one of us will have to stand before God for the Truth we hold onto & disseminate to others. And particularly so to those in leadership & appointed to care for our spiritual well-being (Hebrews 13:17).


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