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  • Kevin Kelly on 1 Timothy 4:8
    Yeshua is the LORDS birth given name . Why then is the name Jesus used in millions of conversions? Practically , the name of Yeshua is non existent in Christian circles an when it is used it almost comes under attack because It is the name of Jesus that is above every name? (Acts4:12) - which brings me to my second point , In the original language this scripture would say Yeshua, but then isn't the whole of humanity being a bit deceived by using another name?

    Thank you an Many Blessings!
  • Richard in Christ - in Reply on 1 Timothy 4:8
    Hello Kevin,

    I feel to respond to your post as this does seem to come up often today. Sometimes with some bad "myths" being made up also. So yes, Yeshua(in English phonetic) is the Lord's name in Hebrew. I believe the original was "Yehoshua" then shortened to "Yeshua". As Greek was, I'll say, more popular around the time of Christ. If you translate Yeshua letter by letter into Greek you get "Iesous"(English phonetic). Some people may believe Iesous Christos (Jesus Christ) had it's origin in the New Testament. Actually, 2 centuries before Christ's birth it(Iesous) was already in the Septuagint which was the first Greek translation of the Jewish Old Testament. Then getting to Latin Iesous would be Iesus. Then as we get to English. As the letter "J" is only about 400 years old. In the 1611 KJV Bible the Lord's name is still Iesus. I believe it was around 1629 when they started using the "J" and Jesus came about.

    So as it does sound different than Yeshua, or Joshua, it does carry the same meaning of the name. As it's translational roots trace all the way back to "Yehoshua". People may not know that Hebrew is the only language that is semantic not just phonetic. As I see people braking the word Jesus or Iesous down trying to say it has different meanings and what not. This is not true and Hebrew is the only language that has that ability. As my name Richard. Should this mean I should have a lot of money or be rich? No. Some words, and names, can be made up ,or put together, but this does not mean you can cut every word or name up, in any language, and think you can find it's meaning.

    I hope this helps a little with your question. Jesus Christ is Lord and that is the name I was saved by. If people want to call Him by His Hebrew spoken name Yeshua that's fine. Hopefully people don't think this will bring them closer to the Lord. And may our Father Bless those people who are cursing others for using Jesus Christ. Amen.


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