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  • Alex on Genesis 9
    Comments by Alex on the nation of Israel, There was no other nation like Israel they were Sola Scriptura, they knew the scripture by heart but Israel stoned almost every Prophet that God sent them and rejected the Christ But God loved Israel even tho they worshipped God with their lips but their hearts were far from him. There is no eternal life in written word the bible per se Thats y Jesus said search the scriptures in them you think you have eternal life but it is them that testify of me which is the living WORD Jesus said no man can come unto me unless the Father sends me draws him, Its gotta be the FATHER that initiates our faith the living word. Remember Jesus told Peter flesh and blood has not revealed it unto you but my father in heaven . Jesus said there was many lepers in Israel in the time of Elijah the Prophet BUT UNTO NONE OF THEM WAS ELIJAH SENT BUT UNTO NAAMAN THE SYRIAN. You can memorise the whole bible and still not understand the mysteries of the kingdom of God.These things are hid from the wise and prudent but revealed unto Babes which is the living words the H.G . The Child of Promise That is gonna result from our hearing his Voice th LIVING WORD ( he wants to know us ) then the fruit will come which is the Child of Promise ,eternal life etc. Them that come to God must believe that he is a rewarder of them that do deligently seek him. If any man follow me let him sell everything he has and give it to the poor then come and follow me, If a man forsake not all that he has he cannot be my disciple, remember he said count the cost, its gonna cost ya everything ,Paul said he suffered the loss of all things and counted them but dung that he might wine Christ etc. ok GBU but just reading the bible does not impress God. True RIGHTEOUSNESS can only come via a birth of Christ in US. Pray that you might be the good ground where that good seed is sown that you might bring forth fruit unto God, She brought forth a man child that is gona rule all nations .


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